After school youth ministry giving kids the support they need


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – This holiday season many West Michigan families are looking for ways to give back and help those in need. So we have created a Season of Service campaign featuring different non-profit organizations throughout our community. Each week now through Christmas we will highlight an organization showcasing the work being done and ways families can volunteer and donate. Take time to look through this list and discover ways your family can serve others and make a difference Where You Live!

Children from the inner city of Grand Rapids are getting a chance to enrich their minds, bodies, and experiences, thanks to a program through Sabaoth Ministries. Base Camp is a free youth ministry that reaches out to kids living mainly in the Burton Heights neighborhood and Hall Street and Grandville Avenue area of Grand Rapids. The camp is located in Jenison, thanks to a church that allows it to use the building and its facilities.

Items needed for donation include:
Binder Clips
Craft Sticks (regular size and jumbo size)
Rubber Bands
Pens (cheap PaperMate or Bic pens)
Clothes Pins
Paper Clips
Masking Tape

Base Camp takes place three to four nights a week. The children are transported from Grand Rapids to participate in homework help, tutoring, a literacy program, bible study, recreational programming, and to have a hot meal.

Greatest need for volunteering:
Tutors for our Tuesday evening literacy program
Providing Meals
Volunteering in our Monday and Thursday evening recreational programs is deal for families to get involved.

The program relies almost completely on volunteers. Students from Cornerstone University make up about 200 volunteers at Base Camp each year. Volunteers are also needed to provide meals or transportation. If you would like to help or learn more about Base Camp, visit their website.

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