Important adoption information for families in West Michigan

bethany adoption

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – It’s National Adoption Month and there are kids right here in West Michigan who are in need of homes. Bethany Christian Services joined Maranda to talk about kids in need and the difference you can make in the life of a child. Check out the video above to learn more information about Bethany and the adoption process.

A need for adoptive parents is strong in West Michigan. Bethany is always in need for families open to adoption, especially those children with special needs. When you choose to adopt, you give a child the gift of love. Whether you are seeking adoption because infertility has prevented you from growing your family, or you feel it is God’s calling to provide a loving home for a child, adoption is a very rewarding way to start or grow your family.

Learn how to select the right adoption for your family on Bethany’s website.

In the video above, George Tyndall, answers questions about adoption. Check out the video to see some interesting answers to commonly asked questions. Topics range from local to international adoption, becoming a foster parent, and more.

The Florida family in Sparta has six biological children and two adopted children. They first considered adoption when they moved into a bigger house. They adopted two teenage girls from Ethiopia. Bethany Christian Services helps families through the entire process, with local specialists as well as global specialists. Check out the video to see their incredible story.

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