10 Things To Cook This November


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – There are two types of people in a kitchen…people who know how to cook and people who want to know how to cook! Personally, I’m in the ‘want to know how to cook’ category, but I heard the best way to learn is to practice and what better month is there to practice cooking than in November with Thanksgiving right around the corner?  Whether you’re like me and looking to learn or you’re as close as your family will ever get to a personal chef, here are 10 good recipes that will take your holiday meal or even just family dinners to a whole new level!

1. Harvest Chipotle Chili

Chili’s known to sometimes have a kick…but have you heard of it ever having a harvest twist? Try this yummy spin on a fall favorite that incorporates two of the season’s best ingredients, apples and sweet potatoes! YUM!

2. Roast Chicken With Caramelized Onions and Fall Fruit

Normally Thanksgiving focuses on turkey, but why not give chicken a try! Chicken is a fun, inexpensive, and easy dish to cook and is something the whole family can enjoy. This recipe incorporates some of fall’s finest fruits that make it a great seasonal meal.

3. Homemade Apple Butter

This is a delicious 5 ingredient recipe that works perfectly to amp up any cheese plate, piece of toast , or snack. This recipe is sure to impress this holiday season and  if you find some cute jars to put your butter in then it can also make a great gift idea! Who wouldn’t appreciate some good homemade apple better!?

4. Roasted Grape and Sweet Potato Salad

This recipe by our very own health expert is not only good, but it’s good for you! This leafy dish is a nice break from all the seasonal sweets out there this time of year. This salad is great to pack up and take for lunch and it also makes a nice addition to any holiday meal.

5. Pumpkin Roll

Even though October is over, pumpkin is still where it’s at! If you’re looking to satisfy that sweet tooth this November, pumpkin rolls are a great treat to try. In honor or the CMA’s we picked out country’s very own Trisha Yearwood’s recipe! It’s so good it’ll make your taste buds boot-scoot-and boogie!

6. Butternut Squash Bisque

The deeper we get into November the colder it’s going to get. Heat things up by making a fall soup like this butternut squash bisque! One of our very own crew members discovered this yummy recipe. It’s the perfect thing to keep you and the whole family warm and happy this November.

7. Butternut Squash Burritos

Can’t get enough butternut squash…us either! Check out these yummy burritos with a fun fall twist. They’re a great quick dish to make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and the best part is…they only take 30 minutes!

8. Bourbon Pecan Pie

It’s pie season ladies! With so many different flavors it’s hard to choose which one to make. One of our favorites this time of year is pecan pie! Pecan pie is a great and easy to make seasonal treat that is sure to be a crowd pleaser this holiday season.

9. Apple Cider Braised Short Ribs

Apple cider braised short ribs…YUM! Doesn’t this just sound amazing? The best part about this recipe is that you can make in a crockpot. Just do a little prep work and then put it all in a big bowl and let it sit! After a long day at work and shuffling the kids around, the best feeling in the world is coming home to a good crockpot dinner that has been patiently waiting for you.

10. Cranberry Ginger Sauce

Want to spice up the cranberry sauce at your table this Thanksgiving? This is an another excellent little recipe from our healthy eats expert. This sauce is a quick and easy way to take your holiday meal from bland to glam.

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