10 things Millennials spend all their money on

9 friends happily spending money we don't have.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Born between 1982 and 2002, Millennial babies are changing the world. For one, we have big dreams of starting our own businesses, being a CEO, or becoming president. Second, we have become the most educated generation. Not a day goes by that we don’t read an article on Facebook about sexism, police brutality, or any other rising issue. Hey, we’re also the most accepting! Gay, straight, black, white? Doesn’t make a difference to us, and that’s something to be proud of. Furthermore, Millennials are crazy creative. Studies say that advanced technological knowledge allows for us to master different skills in new ways.

Though I could go on and on about how awesome us Millennials are, here are some things we’re not so good at… spending and prioritizing.

So right now, you’re either a mom who’s going to be worried about what your child’s been spending their money on OR you’re a Millennial like me, who will be laughing hysterically at how true these are.

Time.com says that this is where our money is going, Millennials…

1) Gas station food

Known as “the grab-and-go generation,” we find it WAY too convenient that there is food in the same place we pump our gas. How could we not grab some candy for the road? Or a warm hot chocolate? It would be a sin to just pass it by. Plus, it’s not like we’ll have time to make anything later. Anything quick and easy, we’re in for.

2) Same-day delivery

No matter what we say, we are the most impatient bunch of them all. We want our stuff when we want it!

“Same-day shipping is $15.00, but I really want to wear it tonight, so…”

3) Hot sauce

Millennials LOVE hot sauce. It has a kick, just like us 😉 Plus, if Queen B’s talking about it, then naturally we must follow.

4) Snakes

What! I do not understand this obsession. All you Millennials reading this, STOP PURCHASING SNAKES AND OTHER REPTILES. This fad will fade quicker than the gaucho pant.

5) Leisure wear

Girl’s will spend $120 on lululemon leggings, but don’t you dare forget to turn off the light, because utilities were WAY too much this month.

6) Organic food

“It’s $5 for the organic lettuce and only $2 for all the rest. Whatever, my body is a temple.”

7) Tattoos & piercings

We’re a generation that loves to break norms, records, and glass ceilings. We enjoy rebelling a little, and tattoos and piercing just mean we have something to show for it.

8) Energy drinks


…because who doesn’t like feeling like that every once and awhile.

9) Donations at the cash register

“$0.25 for the children’s foundation? Make it a dollar.”

**Gosh, I am a saint!

10) Booze

*Loses laptop charger but won’t go buy one, because you’re saving up for the weekend ahead.



Get stats and further information, here.

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