Event helping teens discover careers: MiCareerQuest


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Maranda had an exciting show that was all about exploring innovative ways organizations are helping kids discover career paths. Starting off the show, Maranda took viewers to Kalamazoo, where the MiCareerQuest was in full swing. MiCareerQuest, an innovative, experiential career event, was created in 2015 by Michigan Works! Kent, Allegan & Barry Counties (now West Michigan Works!), Kent ISD and the Construction Workforce Development Alliance (CWDA) in response to employers’ need for future talent in Construction, Healthcare, Information Technology and Manufacturing.

Jason Luke, from MiCareerQuest, explained that there were over 60 businesses represented that were showing kids ‘a day in the life’ preview of different professions. Careers from all corners were represented, whether it’s interior design, healthcare, or broadcast media, there was something for everyone.

Maranda spoke with Troy from Air Zoo about inspiring kids. MiCareerQuest is a great opportunity for kids in SouthWest Michigan to find their passions and explore career opportunities. Troy was challenging kids to think bigger for their future. Teens had the opportunity to see jobs they are familiar with, but also tons of other opportunities that lie in various career fields. At the Air Zoo booth, kids were able to learn how to build an airplane!

Next, Maranda tried something new with Stryker. She performed surgery! Can’t believe it? Check out the video above. Kids that came to the MiCareerQuest had the same unbelievable opportunity.

Doing More Together is all about bringing business together with educators. Asking, “What can we do to help kids reach their full potential?” is what this program from Ottawa ISD is all about. Students get immersed in business experience and education. Ottawa ISD partnered with Herman Miller to give kids interested in engineering a leg up with internships and career guidance.

You wouldn’t think that students would be finding a tortoise at MiCareerQuest, but there was one present with Paws for Learning. Teens got the chance to learn about tons of different careers available in animal healthcare and pet some cute creatures.

Finally, Maranda takes viewers behind the scenes at Ferris State University’s ‘Get Real’ programan interactive game that gives students a dose of reality. They learn about their chosen career path, how much money they’ll likely make and how that will impact their lifestyle.

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