Volunteer as a family with the Mother Baby Program

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – This holiday season many West Michigan families are looking for ways to give back and help those in need. So we have created a Season of Service campaign featuring different non-profit organizations throughout our community. Each week now through Christmas we will highlight an organization showcasing the work being done and ways families can volunteer and donate. Take time to look through this list and discover ways your family can serve others and make a difference Where You Live!

Tis the season of giving! Volunteering can have huge benefits for individuals and families. Pine Rest is showing families the importance of giving back this holiday season. In addition to benefiting others, volunteering can strengthen your family. Every Thursday during the holidays, Maranda is featuring a different nonprofit and ways you can give back as a family during the ‘Season of Service’.

Benefits of Volunteering (to everyone)
· Increases overall sense of well-being
· Reduces effects of stress, anger, anxiety
· Improves self-confidence and optimism
· Opportunities to meet new people & make friends with similar interests
· Increases social & relationship skills
· Reduces loneliness and isolation
· Provides a sense of purpose & meaning
· Helps us stay physically health & live longer
· Provides opportunities to learn and explore the community & the world

Volunteering Strengthens the Family
· Provides opportunities to connect and talk
· Helps families feel closer to each other
· Creates a wonderful opportunity to work as a team and be creative
· Allows family to explore and develop identity, values and morals
· Helps kids develop critical thinking, communications and problem-solving skills
· Let’s kids and parents see each other in different roles
· Helps parents teach children empathy and civic responsibility

Tips for Volunteering as a Family
· Involve the entire family in the process of deciding and doing!
· Identify your family’s interests (i.e. hunger, the elderly, environment, etc.)
· Research opportunities that match your interests (i.e. packing sack suppers, visiting senior centers, outdoor clean-up, etc.)
· Decide where you want to volunteer
· Call and do it, even if need to start small
· Talk about your experiences afterwards
· Make it a tradition or try other volunteer opportunities

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