Goodwill is helping to organize your closet

Clothes in a closet

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – This time of year may have you digging up your winter clothes from last year and cleaning out your closet. With that can come headaches: Is this in style? Does this piece work with my wardrobe? Keep or donate? Goodwill has answers to all your fashion questions. In the video above, Terri from eightWest gets a mini closet consultation by The Kierra Quinn. Goodwill even provided a Style Checklist to help you out!

Style consultations can be done over a cup of coffee, in the privacy of your own home, with your closest friends, or even a shopping trip. It all depends on your personal style needs.

Services offered:

Sort: Closet Consultation
-Need assistance with cleaning out your closet? Through organization tips and an editing eye I can give your closet the
revamp it needs!

Style: Personal Styling + Style Parties
-Are you in a style rut constantly saying you have “nothing to wear”? Let me take a fresh look by styling pieces you might
have overlooked. Want to have a Style Party? Invite me over for your next Girls Night In. I can offer my personal style
advice and everyday styling tips to you and your closest friends!

Shop: Personal Shopping
-Ever go shopping and wish you had a second opinion? I am available to assist you with your style needs and give you a
“yay” or “nay” on your desired look.

*For pricing information, contact Kherington McFarland at 810.618.4514 or

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