Halloween snack idea: Jack-o’-lantern veggie tray

It’s a trick to navigate around all of the treats, so this Halloween, sneak in some healthy eats by creating an easy jack-o’-lantern veggie tray. 

jack o lantern veggie tray- Margaux Drake DrakeHere’s a step by step guide:

1. Select a round shallow dish. I’ve used a white scalloped tart pan, but a pie plate would work great too.

2. Find two small ramekins or dishes for the eyes and fill them with a healthy dressing or dip. I’ve used egg cups.

3. Round up fresh veggies with orange carrots being the star of the show, obviously. Wash and cut them to size. Fill the dish with the carrots then layer on the other veggies like celery for a stem, zucchini for a mouth and cauliflower for ears. You won’t need very many of the other veggies. A little goes a long way.

4. Invite the kids to create the jack-o’-lantern with you. Get creative. Have fun.

Bring this spook-a-licious healthy halloween snack to the office, class party or even use it as a pre-trick or treating snack. Go to MargauxDrake.com for more Halloween inspiration.

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