12 fun, seasonal ideas for your engagement shoot

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Well, you’ve decided on forever with that pain in the butt you like to call the love of your life.

You brides-to-be have an extraordinarily beautiful fall to work with. The roads are filled with color and the woods with a magical glow.

It’s the time of life every girl’s been waiting for and every boy’s been dreading… engagement pictures! Below are 12 fun, seasonal ideas for your upcoming photo shoot.

1) Get bundled up.

Add a wool or flannel blanket to the mix for cute cuddles and cozy kisses.

2) Accessorize fall favorites

Toss that rock on a pumpkin, leaf, or acorn for a seasonal take on the classic “ring photo”.

3) Play in the leaves

Take yourself back to the good ol’ days when you were kids! A pile of leaves makes for a great, colorful background.

4) Head out to the woods

Something about a fall sunset in the woods is breath taking. Find that perfect timing, and everything around the two of you will sparkle.

5) Get lost in a corn maze

How cute is this? Have some fun with your guy in a corn maze. It’ll make for belly laughs and solid pics.

6) Pick the perfect fall outfit

Raid your closet for the flannel, the olive greens, the booties, and the floppy hats! Fall is fashion’s favorite time of year.

7) Hidden kiss

“Quick kiss behind the leaf so the kids don’t see.” An easy, adorable, and modest way to embrace fall engagement.

8) Matching

A couple that matches together, stays together 😉 A cute night shoot idea, with hanging lights!

9) A little Starbucks never hurt anybody

It’s all about the pumpkin spice latte this season.

10) Take a ride

Grab your bikes and go on a ride! We love this vintage feel for fall.

11) Save the date

Carve your wedding date into pumpkins for a cute “Save the Date” photo.

12) Go boating

Anyone else thinking about The Notebook right now? Head out on the water for intimate kisses and adorable laughter.

Sunset shoots at @oakmountainstatepark!

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