Cyber security tips to keep your family safe

ferris state university cyber security


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – As technology begins to advance, it is important that families are aware of possible risks and how to remain safe. With rising Internet devices, there is a great amount of data that is being collected and transmitted. Maranda spoke with Val Pavlov from Ferris State University on developing a better understanding of Internet and technology security and how families can protect their privacy.

Best tips for keeping your family safe? Focus on prevention! Become aware of risks and dangers, and practice safe habits to remain secure at all times. Check out the video above for more safety tips and follow these simple steps below.

Cyber Security Prevention

* Turn the device off when not in use!

* Does all the functionality need to be on all of the time?

* Be aware of what your device does behind the scenes

* Read the manual for more details on what features your device may have

Cyber Security Isolation

* Does the device need to be connected to the Internet?

* Keep devices with more important information on separate, more secure networks

* Don’t use networks you don’t trust

* Make sure your personal networks are secure

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