Stay in sync this cold and flu season with Kinsa digital thermometer and app

Credit: Kinsa Press kit

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- It’s here!  That’s right cold and flu season has swept into West Michigan right on cue.  It’s October and back to school is in full swing with kids bringing home all sorts of new germs.  My son is 5-years-old and attend school five days a week and my daughter is 2 and attends daycare 3 days per week.  Did I mention my husband teaches second grade?!  Our house is like the central command center for germs.

I recently got the chance to check out a new product, The Kinsa Sesame Street Smart Ear digital thermometer.  While we have a digital ear thermometer that works well I was interested to try this new product because it also include a Bluetooth technology that syncs it to a free downloadable app for your smartphone.  I don’t know about you but anything that helps keep me organized always sounds like a bonus!

Credit: Kinsa press kit
Credit: Kinsa press kit

So this was the morning my son woke up coughing like crazy and had a headache.  He mentioned maybe he should stay home from school so I said, “I know, let’s try out that new Elmo thermometer that you’ve been dying to open!”  He was very excited and even sat right by me as we followed the very simple instructions and downloaded the app which maybe took a total of 2-3 minutes to get everything up and running.


My son enjoyed getting to choose an avatar for his “profile” (he picked Ernie and Abby for his sister).  We popped in the batteries, turned it on and we were ready to go.  I simply put the thermometer in his ear, pushed the button and within seconds we had a reading.

Credit: Kinsa press kit
Credit: Kinsa press kit
Credit: Kinsa press kit
Credit: Kinsa press kit































The app then synced his reading to his profile and also asked me a series of questions about how he was feeling. I asked him about each and we checked the boxes for cough, fatigue and runny nose to complete our reading.

Credit: Kinsa press kit
Credit: Kinsa press kit

I’ve got to say I can see so many benefits of this!  As you know having a sick child is a whirlwind.  Normally I’m trying to find a scrap piece of paper to jot down temps. every few hours.  This is all digital and so easy.  Then if we have to go to the doctor’s office I don’t have to say, “Oh shoot I forgot the paper with the notes,” I can just pull up the real time data on my phone!  Brilliant.

Here’s the specifics:

Kinsa thermometers are FDA-cleared for accuracy and take your temperature reading in seconds.

Kinsa’s free app tracks fever readings, symptoms, diagnoses, medication doses and other notes in a time-stamped log, for each member of the family.

Kinsa offers real-time guidance based on age and fever reading, so you know when you should call a doctor and what to do next.


So moms, be armed and ready to roll for cold and flu season with the Kinsa Sesame Smart Ear digital thermometer.

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