Blind Michigan apple taste test reveals surprising new favorite

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Have you ever stood in front of the apple section of the grocery store contemplating if you really wanted to spend $8 or more on a bag of the sweet and crunchy local favorite the Honeycrisp?  What about the other half-dozen varieties that retail for far less?  The choice is tough when you can’t sample before you buy.

We decided to put a variety of Michigan apples to the test!  We sliced and diced up five different types of popular apples and had the staff at WOTV 4 Women taste them all then vote for their favorites!


The results may surprise you!  Here’s what we sampled:


Honeycrisp apples

This favorite rose in popularity, price and demand when it first hit the shelves.  The Michigan Apple Committee describes the Honeycrisp as “This apple is hot! And mighty crisp. Combines unusual color and excellent sweet flavor with a great bite. Use it for fresh eating, fresh-cut slices or cut up in salads.”


fijij apples

Described as sweet, tart and crisp!  It’s a newer variety to the Michigan apple selection and happens to be known as “Japan’s favorite apple”.


gala apples

The Gala apple is known for a crisp bite with a mellow sweetness.  The Michigan apple committee toutes that the Gala apple is Michigan’s 3rd most popular apple for fresh eating or cooking.

Red Delicious

red delicious apples

The Red Delicious is actually America’s most popular apple!  It’s full of flavor, sweet and crisp and it was actually discovered over 100 years ago.


Empire apples

The Empire apple is a firm apple that’s sweet and tart at the same time!  What a combo!  The Michigan Apple Committee says if you’re looking for an excellent lunchbox apple or perfect for caramel apples.

The winning apple

So we had our staff blindly taste all of these apples fresh grown from the mitten state and you may be surprised that everyone agreed the Fuji apple was the office favorite!  We were sure the Honeycrisp would be the big winner but the sweet and crisp crunch of the Fuji had everyone coming back for seconds!  An entire bag of Fuji apples retailed at about $3.99 at our local neighborhood grocery store.  These would be the perfect apple for a sweet snack any day of the week!  Give Fuji a try!

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