Surprising school lunches that kids love

school lunches maranda

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Cafeteria dining in Coopersville Public Schools may surprise you. Melissa Alley, Chartwells K12 Food Service Director, joined Maranda in school to talk all about lunch trends. The modern-day school café features healthy, nutritious and delicious foods that reflect local and on-trend tastes, with a variety of options.

Besides students loving this fresh take on cafeteria food, these lunches play a big role in educating and empowering kids to make healthy choices in their life, not to mention fueling them for the day ahead. In this case, technology is encouraged, Coopersville uses Nutrislice, a mobile app that helps them communicate with their students in a fun way.

Looking for more fun with your food? It’s National School Lunch Week! Coopersville has a few events and activities that students can share with their families: Bring a parent to lunch at East & South Elementary, spirit meter contest at each building, coloring contests, menu name makeover, fruit and veggie challenge at the high school and middle school, and more! Keep up to date with all activities through Cooperville’s Facebook page.

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