Enjoy some of fall’s best foods and drinks without all the guilt


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Pumpkin spiced lattes, cider donuts, and apple pie…OH MY! It can be overwhelming how many different tasty treats are out there this time of year. With all these choices it can make it hard to decide which option is healthier, or at least a little healthier. Here’s five examples on how to choose the “better” option from some of fall’s best foods and drinks so you can enjoy your favorites without all the guilt!

1.) Pumpkin Pie vs. Apple Pie

Who doesn’t like pie? Especially fresh apple and pumpkin pie in the fall! If you’re a pie gal, the best option between the two is pumpkin. Apple pie is loaded with extra sugar and calories from all the cinnamon and extra crust. Pumpkin pie, while still sugary, is not nearly as many calories making it the healthier choice. Next time you’re in the pie aisle go for pumpkin!

WINNER: Pumpkin Pie

2.) Caramel Apple vs. Cider Donut

An apple a day keeps the doctor away…unless it’s covered in caramel. Depending upon how much caramel you have and if you add toppings such as candy or nuts – a caramel apple can be a 300 calorie or more treat!  Not to mention all the sugar they have! A cider donut on the other hand, even though it’s coated in sugar on the outside, has less calories and believe it or not a little less sugar making it the healthier option between the two. Next time you visit your local cider mill, skip the caramel apple and go straight for the donuts!

WINNER: Cider Donut

3.) Pumpkin Spiced Latte vs. Apple Cider

Two of fall’s staple products – the pumpkin spiced latte and apple cider. Both are fan favorites but one of them is a much healthier option for you. Apple cider has very few calories but it contains a crazy amount of sugar which makes the pumpkin spiced latte the better choice this fall!  Due to the milk in pumpkin spiced lattes, this drink can sometimes have a lot of calories but it if you make your latte with skim or not-fat milk you can cut down on those calories which will cut down on your guilt! Next time you’re looking for something to quench your thirst with a fall theme this year go for pumpkin spiced latte instead of the apple cider.

WINNER: Pumpkin Spiced Latte

4.) Squash vs. Sweet Potato

Who says the only good thing about fall is the sweets? Good fresh fall produce is also something to get excited about, especially when you’re making dinner for the whole family! Winter squash and sweet potato are in season during the fall and make great side dishes for any meal. Between the two however, there is one option in particular that is a little healthier and that is the sweet potato. Squash, while low in calories, lacks the fiber found in sweet potatoes and only has half the protein. When you’re making dinner this fall try incorporating more sweet potato! Your body, taste buds, and family will thank you!

WINNER: Sweet Potato

5.) Candy Corn vs. Candied Nuts

Fall is the time of year when candy corn can be found everywhere and the smell of candied nuts is in the air. While both options are high in sugar, the candied nuts are actually not as “scary” to you diet as you might think. Candied nuts are actually rich in fiber and do not contain nearly as much sugar as can be found in candy corn. Even though candy corn has zero fat, it still doesn’t have a whole lot of nutritional value. If you have to choose between the two to satisfy that sweet tooth this fall, go with the candied nuts.

WINNER: Candied Nuts

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