Blogging during divorce: Yes or no?

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Therapists often suggest journaling as a way to deal with your emotions while going through a divorce.  With all of the online platforms that are available, some women are blogging about their divorce online instead of using a journal.  Is this a wise idea?

While the connected, social media age of the internet makes it convenient to do online journaling or blogging is not a wise idea.  The ramifications of putting details of your divorce out there could have damaging effects that you haven’t thought about or were unaware of.

Once you put your blog on the internet it is out for all to see and it is not possible to undo it.  While it may be therapeutic to assess your feelings about what is going on in your divorce it is also easy to descend into ranting and raving about your ex, the Judge, the Friend of The Court and the opposing attorney.  Ranting is not therapeutic in that it does not resolve issues, does not help you work through feelings to gain insights, but instead simply blows off some steam.  Although blowing off steam may sound good it can lead to detrimental issues down the road.  Savvy attorneys know to check the internet for any incriminating things you may have posted on blog and social media sites.  To trash your ex or complain about the Judge will bode well for you if brought up in court.

Privacy issues are another reason to stick to an old fashioned journal.  Your soon-to-be ex does have a right not to have his personal life exposed for all to see without his knowledge.  If you don’t want it done to you, don’t do it to him.  Your children also have a right to privacy about issues that are surrounding their family and are impacting their lives.  You wouldn’t want someone to run across a blog detailing your marital issues and have your children find out about it or, heaven forbid, read it themselves.

Lastly, many of the proceedings involving your divorce are confidential.  Mediation negotiations, for example, cannot be shared.  If you were to violate that confidentiality it likely would come back to bite you particularly if the opposing counsel found out about it.  If you need to journal, write it down the old fashioned way.

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