Keep your financial information safe

Credit cards

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Safety is a top priority for families and in this day and age, online safety is a big part of that.

Fifth Third Bank says protecting your financial information is crucial. One way criminals can get your information is by skimming. Skimming involves installing fake card readers that take information from the magnetic strip on your credit card. Then the information is copied to a blank card.

To avoid becoming a victim of skimming, be aware of your surroundings. Check to make sure the equipment, whether a gas pump or ATM, isn’t misaligned, wiggly, or sticking out. Use the same gas stations or ATMs on a regular basis so you’ll be more likely to notice if anything is out of place. Also use a credit card with a chip in it, which is meant to combat skimming.

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