Focus on safety in the home

Rear view of little girl sitting on the floor and watching TV in living-room

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Every two weeks, a child is injured or killed by a falling television. Jennifer Hoekstra, Injury Prevention Expert at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, says homeowners need to use straps or wall mounts to keep the television secured. The most dangerous scenario is a heavy tube TV on top of a piece of furniture. Children are curious or may try to reach the remote or change the channel. If you have an older TV, put it on a low, sturdy piece of furniture that was designed to hold a television.

Parents need to have conversations with their children to make sure they stay safe when out of the home. Parents can talk with their kids about who it’s okay for them to talk to, ride with, and accept things from. Don’t assume they know. A good tip is to come up with a safety word. That way, if someone doesn’t know the safety word, kids will know not to go with them.

It can be hard to have these conversations with children without scaring them. To avoid that, parents can work these tips into everyday conversation. Make it routine at home to ask questions about what happened in the day – what happened that made them happy and if anything happened that made them uncomfortable.

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