Ryan Lochte stormed by protestors after debut performance on DWTS

Credit: abc anet

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – What’s a live premiere without a little twist?

Ryan Lochte says he feels “a little hurt” after two men, wearing anti-Lochte t-shirts, were arrested for allegedly rushing the stage following Lochte’s debut performance.

The two men started chanting and protesting while Lochte was getting his scores from judge Carrie Ann Inaba, making her (and all DWTS viewers) frustrated.

“Hey, back off!” Inaba yelled at the protesters. Little did she know, they were just getting started. As our eyes glued to the screen, we saw each judges’ face turn as the protesters quickly approached. Watch clip below, to get full effect.

When the show returned, judge Tom Bergerson thanked the ABC series’ security team “for staying in shape.”

Once safe, Inaba finished her critique and stated, “We’re here to judge your dancing… nothing else.” Truly, this was a touching moment between the two of them.

The two men were held by security until the Las Angeles police arrived to take them into custody. See below, Twitter post from George Pennacchio.

During the episode, Lochte performed to “Call Me Irresponsible.” They received a combined score from the judges of 24 out of 40.

Lochte has continued to take hits from the public after his drunken encounter following the Rio Olympics. Specifically, last month, at a gas station in Rio, Lochte claimed he was threatened and robbed. This turned out to be false.

The United States team officials banned Lochte for 10 months, forcing him to miss the 2017 world championships.

Photos from Dancing With the Stars Premiere

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