7 Unexpected ways to make homemade infused vodka

infused vodka water

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – This cocktail must-try has been trending all over the place lately! Homemade infused vodka is a great way to customize your favorite liquor into something unexpected (and oh so tasty). The general rule when making your own infusion, the more you add to the vodka, the less time it needs to steep. Taste periodically ot get it just right! Check out these 7 infused vodka ideas that you’ll have to try at home:

Mediterranean mix

if you’re looking for something a little different, this dill, peppercorn, cucumber infused vodka is for you! It makes a savory and refreshing vodka that would be perfect for a ‘Mediterranean’ bloody Mary or surprising mojito.

Fresh and herby

If you like a light a refreshing cocktail, try infusing your vodka with basil. Peppery and light, this mix is a real winner. Try it in a basil vodka gimlet.

Fruity and fun

If you’re wary about trying to infuse your own vodka, start with small batches! Love this idea of apple and ginger to make a nice fall infusion.

Out of the box

This one is totally different than anything I’ve seen! Bacon and parsley, perfect for a brunch cocktail. When infusing your own, don’t be afraid to try something totally out of the box. A questionable batch or two is bound to happen, so have fun with it!

Veggie delight

Love the freshness of infusing with veggies! Bell peppers are a great way to add light, crisp flavor.

Warm flavors for cool weather

As the weather cools down, try using warm flavors like cinnamon sticks or peppermint. It will add a little something extra to your holiday parties.

Tried and true flavors

If you love strawberry vodka? Infuse your own with strawberrie! Sticking to something you know you love is a sure way to create and infusion you’ll keep coming back to.

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