Founders movie and beer pairings at Celebration! Cinema

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – What could be better than a good movie with an ice cold brew? Girls night, here we come!

Founders Brewing Co. and Celebration! Cinema are teaming up to pair brews with movies each Wednesday, September 7th through November 9. The movies will start at 8 p.m. for the next 10 Wednesdays at a variety of Celebration! Cinema locations, with tickets for $2:

  • Celebration! Cinema North
  • Celebration! Cinema Crossroads
  • Celebration! Cinema Mount Pleasant
  • Celebration! Cinema Muskegon
  • Studio C! Okemos

The first event is September 7, starting with “Jurassic Park” while enjoying Mango Magnifico.

Upcoming pairings

  • September 14: “Mean Girls” and Rubaeus
  • September 21: “Pulp Fiction” and Breakfast Stout
  • September 28: “Happy Gilmore” and Dirty Bastard
  • October 5: “Old School” and PC Pils
  • October 12: “Titanic” and Porter
  • October 19: “Spaceballs” and Centennial IPA
  • October 26: “Young Frankenstein” and Harvest Ale
  • November 2: “Psycho” and Backwoods Bastard
  • November 9: “E.T.” and All Day IPA

For more information on Founders movie and beer pairings, click here.

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