What it takes to be a champion

Priority Health Champion Ted Droski
Priority Health Champion Ted Droski

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Priority Health is all about keeping families fit and healthy through its program, Team Priority Health.

Members of Team Priority Health are Priority Health Champions. They are regular people – individuals or families – who love fitness or want to incorporate more fitness into their lives. All it takes to be a Priority Health Champion is sharing your story, attending community events or races, and spreading the word about health and wellness. It’s free and participants earn points toward Priority Health gear and discounts at events and races.

Ted Droski is a Priority Health Champion. When he started, he was looking to get involved in a community of athletes who want to compete. About a year ago, Droski was in a car accident and lost his right leg. He says it was a mental challenge to go from such an active lifestyle to being sedentary, but he was able to remain engaged with Team Priority Health and the fitness community. Droski, a father of two, says the experience has taught him that he can still accomplish many things and he encourages others to set goals for themselves.


Priority Health

Team Priority Health

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