What does Andi’s book ACTUALLY accuse Josh of?


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – After several months of being engaged and working on their relationship, in 2015, Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray finally spilt. We all remember beautiful Andi… and her iconic resting frown face, which I’d assume only became more prevalent after her season of The Bachelorette ended. From her latest book “It’s Not Okay,” we received insight on what Josh and Andi’s relationship actually looked like.

It’s safe to say that when reality tv hit reality, it only crashed and burned.

Now, Josh Murray is looking for a second shot at love on The Bachelor in Paradise, Season 3. From the moment he arrived he only had eyes for Amanda Stanton, a darling mother of two from California. With Josh’s smile and Amanda’s charm, you would think it’d be nothing but paradise for the couple. But, even for these two lovebirds, there has been a storm to fight.

Josh claims his ex’s book is “fictional,” but do we believe his cliché lines and religious declarations? Read the shocking accusations from “It’s Not Okay.” WARNING: if you plan on reading the book, there will be spoilers and secrets revealed!

He hated the thought of her going on Dancing With the Stars

Andi found it important to note that she had no intention to compete on the show.

“He told my mother that he refused to allow it, because the show was “all about sex” and it would be “totally inappropriate… for his fiancée to be dancing and sweating on another man.”

She called Josh an “emotional abuser”

Throughout the book, Andi gave us the inside scoop on her numerous fights with Josh, and how she realized he was “self centered and jealous.”

“What they didn’t know is I was trapped with someone who, in my opinion, often behaved like an emotional abuser. Yes, I said it, and I’m not taking it back. He was good-looking, with an electric smile and the ability to charm anyone, and his affection in public made people believe that he was a loving partner, but by the end of our relationship, it was just a mask covering the control he exerted in private. He had an uncanny way of manipulating situations and conversations to make me feel like the worst person in the world. In his own words, I was not only selfish and unappreciative, but the “most miserable person he’d ever met.” If we didn’t get invited to a red-carpet event, he’d say it was “because of my actions with Number Twenty-Five [Nick Viall].” If I talked to another man, I was a “whore.” If I disagreed, I was “argumentative.” If I defied him, I was a “bitch.”

He threw a fit

After the break up, while Josh was out of town, Andi and her mother went back to her apartment to move her things. When they arrived, all of Andi’s stuff was scattered across her floor. Andi wrote that it was so bad that it brought her mother and her to tears.

She joked about her own murder

Andi wrote that Josh’s words and actions made her nervous he’d kill her. While talking to her friend Nikki Ferrell (The “winner” of Juan Pablo’s season) on the phone, she joked that if she showed up dead to tell the cops Josh did it.

“There, in the mirror, was a woman so far gone she was joking about her own murder … This became the single most vivid moment of my relationship. I realized just how much of myself I had lost in the past nine months. I was trapped in a relationship that made me feel utterly worthless and dismally defeated.”

Josh was totally weird about his hair

Josh could only do his hair if he had a white backdrop! If fact, Andi wrote that once Josh asked her to hold a white towel up behind his head while he did his hair, because the wall behind him was blue.

“Apparently, it was the only way he could successfully make sure each of his dark strands was in place.”

He called Andi Ungrateful

Andi explained that after breakfast Josh called her “ungrateful,” because she didn’t immediately thank him for the $12 breakfast… which he had purchased with money from ABC.

Goodbye Sex with Josh

Even though Andi despised her ex, she still had hit-it-and-quit-it sex with Josh before moving to New York.

“While I know I’m supposed to feel some kind of ‘moral hangover’ about this, I feel empowered instead. The feisty smirk that has finally returned to my face brings with it zero regret, zero remorse, and most of all, the power to move on.”


…Will these statements get in the way of Josh and Amanda on Bachelor in Paradise?? Watch with us on My ABC WOTV4.

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