Pamper yourself: Summer pedi trends, you won’t want to miss

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – After a month at the beach, my feet were looking rough. I was clearly due for a day of pampering. First stop? Design 1 Salon Spa.

Walking into Design 1’s spa area is like a breathe of fresh air. With a relaxing and trendy atmosphere, Design 1 offered me nothing but a luxurious experience. They even gave me the inside scoop on summer pedi trends and colors!

Margarita Pedicure

I received their seasonal pedicure, which happened to be a margarita pedi… No wonder why I liked it so much. This package included:

  • Margarita scrub that smelled SO good. It definitely put me in a relaxing state. All I was missing was an actual margarita. Can we add that to the pedicure next time, Design 1?
  • A stone massage that relieved my feet of any stress.
  • A foot mask that detoxifies and moisturizes the foot.
  • A {heavenly} hot towel – my favorite part.
  • And lastly, cucumber heal therapy which included healing agents with margarita scented scrub.

My lovely pedicurist, Kelly, talked to me about the hottest trends of summer, which happened to be all things bright! Every girl coming in this summer is begging for some life and color on their toes! The number one color chosen in summer 2016? Lobster Roll, a bright orangey color. Therefore, I had to try it for myself! Sure enough, it added just the color I needed during these hot sunny months.

Questions for Kelly

What’s so special about shellac?

  • “Shellac stays on, chip free. Also, when you’re done, you leave with completely dried, cured nails.”

Why is it better to get your nails done then do it at home?

  • “They’re typically nicer products, so it will stay on better. Plus, we get it perfect. It’s hard to do yourself!”

Best polishing tip?

  • “Before you polish make sure your nails are clean and oil free. You also want to keep away from cuticles, so it doesn’t make a big mess.”

Why choose Design 1?

  • “It’s mostly about the excellence we expect here. We all take our jobs very seriously and enjoy what we’re doing. Also, we have a calming environment, upstairs, with quality products.”

Design 1 nail & hand services

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