H.U.G.S. Ranch damaged by storm

Storm damage at H.U.G.S. Ranch

JAMESTOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOTV) A ranch dedicated to helping kids now needs the community’s help to rebuild after it sustained damage in the powerful storm that tore through West Michigan on August 20.

For the last decade, H.U.G.S. Ranch, which is located off Byron Road west of the Byron Center area, uses goats and horses to provide a getaway and therapy for children with anxiety, depression, disabilities and other health or social problems.

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The ranch was hit hard by the storm. No animals were killed and many buildings were spared, but a large tree toppled over onto the goat barn and corn crib. Insurance won’t cover the cost to replace the barn, which was knocked off its foundation. Money is tight, as the non-profit relies almost entirely on donations and volunteers to stay running.

Families who have been helped by H.U.G.S. are eager to return the favor. A GoFundMe account has been launched to raise the money needed for repairs.



GoFundMe for H.U.G.S. Ranch

H.U.G.S. Ranch website

H.U.G.S. Ranch Facebook page

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