Stay in touch without being overbearing: 4 Ways to communicate with your college student

girls texting on phones

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Your child is off to college. This can be a tough transition for them and you! It’s hard to find a balance between being present and being overbearing. Although your student will be enjoying their new found freedom, calls from home can be comforting when things get tough and stress levels rise. Here are four ways to stay in touch with your student without overstepping:

Snail mail

Checking for mail

Believe it or not handwritten letters or packages are the best to get! It’s fun for college students to get mail and a care package (no matter the size) are a great way to show you’re thinking about them. This is especially nice during a holiday if your child can’t make it home.

Be a great listener

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Although the urge to nag or micromanage will be there, hold off at the beginning. Listen to the trials, tribulations, and great memories that your child is going through. They will be learning A LOT the first year of college so be there as a support system. Keep your cool while your student is venting. Whether it’s a messy roommate or lousy professor, don’t get riled up about something that may pass over in a week. By being an active listener, this will make your student want to open up more.

Don’t be afraid to get involved (appropriately!)

girlfriends soccer fans.

Does your family love football or musicals? Find school events happening, like parents weekend, that’s appropriate for the family to come and bring some school spirit. Plus, everyone loves the tailgating parents that bring free food!

Have fun with communication

Beautiful girl using her mobile phone in cafe.

Try texting goofy pictures of your pet or emailing interesting articles that will interest your student. When school gets tough, your student will enjoy some light messages from home.


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