Girls trip: 9 amazing getaways for you and your best friends

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Back to school season is in full swing, and you are drained. You work HARD. Now, it’s time to play hard… and with your best friends, of course! Let’s celebrate new gossip with old friends, in amazing places.

Traverse City

traverse city

To celebrate our college graduations, 3 of my closest friends decided on a girls weekend to Traverse City with our moms! Our favorite thing we did was kabrewing, which put biking, kayaking, and drinking brews all in one – a known recipe for success.

Pictured Rocks

Pictured Rocks seems to be all the rave this summer. In other words, everyone’s obsessing over it – and for good reason. This place looks amazing (great photo opportunities here!). Rent a kayak or paddle board with your girlfriends, and experience nature’s beauty.



Who else hates winter as much as I do? Well, ladies, a trip to Boyne with your girlfriends will make you totally dig the snowy season. Fill a camelbak with giggle juice, and you’re ready for the slopes! It’s always a bonding moment making eye-contact with your friend as you both topple down the hill.



This spring, the Klunder girls headed to London and Paris. The trip was filled with mouth-watering crepes, fine wine, aged cheese, and deep belly laughs. We spent 7 days in London and 3 days in Paris. If you’re willing and ready to splurge, this is a girls trip I highly recommend!


If you haven’t experienced Nashville, you’re doing it wrong. Quickly! Grab your cowboy boots, your best girlfriends, and get ready to dance the night away. Nashville is known for spontaneous concerts, great beer, and good times. Music City, USA!

Las Vegas


Vegas is all about the drinks, the gambling, and the random situations you throw yourself in. Above, is a photo of my friends and I before entering one of Vegas’ many jaw-dropping clubs. I’ll never forget my girls trip to Vegas….. Alright, maybe I forget a few parts 😉

Sleeping Bear Dunes

As you and your best gals struggle up these dunes, you’ll laugh your butts off and make memories to last a life time. I promise you that.


chicago 2

A Chicago girls trip is a classic… and a must! There’s nothing like stuffing your face with Chicago-style pizza and experiencing The Bean along side your greatest friends.

Take a cruise


Looking to go abroad, but don’t have the money for it? A cruise might be the way to go. Depending on the cruise line and the time of year, cruises can be pretty cheap! My sister and I have fallen in love with cruising, because there’s something to do for every mood you’re in. Want to get wild with your best friends? Sing your hearts out at karaoke or join a tequila drinking contest on deck! Want to relax and bond as a group? Read books by the pool or join a trivia game! Cruising gives you the luxury of getting out of the country as well as being totally safe and taken care of on boat.

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