Smoke alarm safety program provides devices, installation and education for GR families

Testing a smoke alarm

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- The Grand Rapids Area Fire Department wants to make sure you’re safe in your home!  I recently took the time to schedule an appointment to have them come and install free smoke detectors in my Grand Rapids home.  It was such an awesome experience for myself and my kids!   My kids were delighted to see a big red fire engine pull up next to our driveway and to have several firefighters come inside our home.

They were professional, fun and great with the kids.  I know what you’re thinking.  Firefighters are coming inside my home?  EEK!  I’d have to clean up and what if they see something that maybe we’re doing wrong or is installed wrong… then what?  It wasn’t like that at all.  They were coming in with the sole intent to keep my family safe.  They talked with the kids, they determined where they alarms needed to be placed and asked for our input on installation locations and options.

operation save a life

They didn’t care about stepping over the kids toys, or the major pileup of clutter in my furnace room.  They did run through some tips and safety pointers with me at the end, which I appreciated.  Quick little bits of information that are good for homeowners to know to prevent a fire.  They told me to make sure to consistently clean my lint trap on my dryer, to maybe push that “clutter pile” back away from the furnace so nothing catches fire, and to make sure the grill is away from the garage when we bbq so nothing goes up in flames other than our steaks.  I actually found it really helpful!

They didn’t charge me or expect anything in return.  They even let the kids come out to the fire truck for a tour and pics when we were done!  Bonus!


Carly Munoz and family pictured with GRFD after free smoke alarm installation.


How to sign up:


Reside within the City of Grand Rapids
Be a home owner, residing within the dwelling.
Rentals do not qualify at this time.
Homeowners can ensure their safety by scheduling an appointment. Contact us at 311

Not a GR resident? Call to set up an appointment within your area through Operation Save A Life: 1.844.978.4400

LIST: West Michigan Smoke Detector Installation Programs

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