How to reset your child’s sleep routine

Three pupils in classroom, one of them sleeping

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Getting back on a school schedule can be hard for kids who are used to staying up late or have a different sleep schedule during the summer.

Jason Coles, MD, a pediatric sleep medicine specialist with Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, says parents should transition their children to a more normal routine a few weeks before school starts. Dr. Coles says the best way is to make bedtime earlier by 15 minutes every three to four days. This gives your child time to adjust.

Dr. Coles says it’s just as important to focus on wake-up time. He suggests parents wake up their children 15 to 30 minutes earlier each day and stick with it.

Begin adjusting bedtime and wake time now to work toward the following recommended amount of sleep each night:

  • Children 3 to 5 years old: 11 to 13 hours
  • Children 5 to 12 years old: 10 to 11 hours
  • Teens 13 to 18 years old: 9 to 10 hours

Read on for more healthy sleep habit tips from Dr. Coles in this HealthBeat article.

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