Back to school lunch tips

Woman preparing takeaway meal

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Already wracking your brain on what to pack for your kids’ school lunch? We scoured the Internet for ideas to mix up your routine and learn some awesome lunch packing hacks!

  1. Make a big batch of peanut butter (or other non-nut butter) and jelly sandwiches in advance and freeze them
  2. Put a rubber band around a sliced apple to keep it from turning brown
  3. Freeze drinks the night before and they’ll double as ice packs. You can also freeze a cool wet sponge and it will double as an ice pack.
  4. Hard boil a bunch of eggs at the beginning of the week
  5. Heat up soup or pasta in the morning and pack it in a thermos to stay warm
  6. A thermos will also keep foods cool such as juices, pasta salads, and smoothies

More fun lunch ideas:

Free printables make cute notes to stow in lunch boxes

Put a list of lunch and snack ideas on the fridge and let your child pick his or her favorites

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