How to get kids back in the back to school routine

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Kids across West Michigan are preparing to head back to school and it’s time to start getting them back in the swing.  While a good sleep routine seems to get lost during the summer season it’s important to start early to get the whole family back into the routine.

Tips to get back into the nightly routine

bedtime story reading

  • Establish a better evening routine with your family.  Instead of riding bikes or swimming until dark start routinely doing bath or showers, story time and prepping for the morning ahead.
  • Start by adjusting the nightly routine by 15 minutes at a time.  Slowly work your way toward your target bedtime.  Small adjustments are easier to get used too than drastic ones.

Tips to get back into the morning routine

Boy sleeping in bed

  • Start getting up a little earlier.  Chances are you need to start rising a bit sooner and getting your kids up sooner so they can be prepared when the alarm rings for school.
  • Get back into habits like feeding your kids breakfast when they first wake up and having them get dressed and get ready for the day right away.

Parent routines

DIY mudroom organizing
Photo courtesy Houselogic
  • Chances are you need a little prep for your routine to change too!  Start by making a calendar for back to school and include detailed notes for those first few weeks like pick-up and drop-off times for school or the bus, practice schedules and childcare routines.
  • Meal prep!  Start pinning some easy back to school meal ideas for weeknights as well as lunch ideas for the kids.  When the time comes you’ll be prepared with lots of go-to ideas to make those first few crazy weeks a little big smoother.
  • Reorganize your mud room. Get ready for back to school by reorganizing some of those areas in your home that are meant to keep you on track.  Start clearing the hooks for backpacks, coats and homework now so you can stay organized later.

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