Step by step moving out check list


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – If you’re anything like me, packing, organizing and remembering are NOT my strong suits. It’s important when you’re moving into your college dorm to remember everything you’ll need to keep you happy and comfortable in your new space. Here are a few key reminders, step by step.

Storage bins

Categorize your stuff in bins, so it’s easier to unload later!

Phone/phone charger

How else would your mom get ahold of you an hour after you leave?

Laptop/laptop charger

One word: NETFLIX


Escape the world for just one minute… or a few hours.


Especially deodorant. Don’t stink up your classroom!

Napkins/paper towel

Someone will spill something on that rug you’re bringing.

Red solo cups

Let’s get this party started!

Plastic silverware

Easy in the morning.

Food that will not spoil easily

You’re in college. Thinking about if you should eat something before it goes bad does not ever cross your mind. I highly suggest peanut butter.

Pillow and blanket

Look forward to glorious naps to come!

Extra blanket

Those dorms and apartments don’t (ever) normally have the best heating systems.

Fan and head phones

To keep you cool and drown out your wild roommate.

Socks… lots of socks

They will mysteriously disappear in thin air.

Photo of the family

Even if you’re acting tough, you’ll miss them one night, and it’s nice to be able to see their faces.

Grab all your clothes from your siblings

If they’re like my siblings, they steal ALL your clothes! Investigate their closets before you’re out of there.

Recruit help

Don’t try and be a hero…

Have someone else check your room

When I’m looking for something specific, I think I actually become blind.

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