‘Beer City’ serves a mean cocktail


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – As the week draws to a close, it becomes evident I’ll need a little pick-me-up. Anyone with me on this? Below are 5 places to order superb cocktails, near you! These babies are delicious and fresh like new gossip with old friends – exactly what we need after a long, hard week!

Rockwell Republic

Rockwell Republic serves a mean cocktail. I highly suggest the Wallflower – good for a chill night with the gals. Ingredients include house infused strawberry balsamic vodka, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, fresh strawberries, and a lemon twist!

45 S Division Ave, Grand Rapids, MI

The Old Goat

If you’re a bloody mary girl like me, The Old Goat is the place to go. BY FAR the best one I’ve tasted. The Old Goat’s bloody has the perfect amount of pepper and pickley-ness to wake you up and get you going! …Whether that’s at night or in the morning. No judgements here.

2434 Eastern Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids Brewing Company

Grand Rapids Brewing Company serves a wide variety of cocktails – truly representing our lovely city well. Ask your server or bartender what you like, and they’ll whip you up some magic. They also serve seasonal specialities.

1 Ionia Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI

Long Road Distillers

Okay you guys. Wise Blood at Long Road Distillers is all the good things. This strong, totally delicious drink will instantly put you in your happy place. Wise Blood includes gin, strawberries, cardamom, vanilla, and lemon.

537 Leonard St NW Grand Rapids, MI

Sundance Grill and Bar

I love the Michigan Mule at Sundance for a couple reasons. Sure, it’s delicious, but I also love the copper mug it comes in. I will not lie. The Michigan Mule is made with Michigan made civilized vodka, ginger beer and lime juice served on the rocks in said mug with a lime wedge.

151 Ottawa Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI


Featured image found on laurenmessiah.com

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