Community comes out to Maranda Park Party in Kentwood

Thumbs up at the Maranda Park Party in Kentwood
Thumbs up at the Maranda Park Party in Kentwood

KENTWOOD, Mich. (WOTV) The fifth Maranda Park Party of the summer took over East Kentwood High School on July 21, 2016. This party had the most attractions of the season so far, and started filling up earlier than ever! With the impending weather, Maranda kicked off the Park Party early so families would have a chance to get lunch and enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, the storm rolled in very quickly and the party had to end early.

“We were so disappointed we had to end the party early due to severe weather, but I so appreciate the understanding and quick action of the Kentwood Public School officials, Public Safety officials, and vendors. Working together, we were able to get kids and families safely back to their vehicles before the worst of the storm hit,” Maranda said.

The Kentwood Park Party had amazing community support. The city, vendors, and party-goers were all extremely cooperative when clearing out East Kentwood. The Kent County Sheriff’s Department and Kentwood and Dutton Fire Departments did an amazing job keeping things orderly and moving people along smoothly.

Families still had a chance to explore the party and take part in tons of different activities. Every party-goer was given a free backpack from Priority Health. Kids and families also enjoyed free snacks from the Meijer food truck, crafts with United Dairy Industry of Michigan, and prizes from Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.

Kids were thrilled to enjoy a free lunch courtesy of the Michigan Department of Education and area public schools along with sweet treats like Country Fresh Ice Cream and popsicles from Grand Rapids First Church.

Don’t miss the last Maranda Park Party of the summer happening at Northwestern Middle School in Battle Creek on July 28th!

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