“I’m falling in love with you”: Bachelorette Week 6 recap *Contains spoilers!*

the bachelorette week 6 jojo fletcher

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – These Bachelorette breaks are killing me. Obvious to say, I was stoked that it was back last night on My ABC WOTV4! Since JoJo didn’t eliminate anyone during the rose ceremony in Week 5, this episode was a very interesting mix. 6 men started, only 4 went on to home dates. Every fan knows this is the big week, home towns are a huge deal!

Our staffers discussed the whole episode this morning on Facebook Live, check it out here!

Let’s jump right in. This episode kicked off with a 1-on-1 date with Alex. This was a no pressure date, literally, like no pressure at all. Alex received this date because he asked JoJo to take him. There was no rose, just a nice time getting to know each other. They went on a date where Alex transformed into a gaucho. Not a pair of flowy pants from 2003, but a sort of South American cowboy. He looked cute as a button as they rode horses around. At the end, some sort of horse whisperer came out and had the horse lay in the grass. It was interesting to see a horse lay down (I mean, I thought they sleep standing up?), but then it got continually more awkward as the horse whisperer mounted the horse in various positions. Not kidding, this happened on national television. Alex and JoJo laid with the horse for awhile. Alex was having a spiritual awakening over the horse. It was all very odd, but whatever floats your boat.

bachelorette week 6 jojo fletcher and alex

The second part of the date took a terrible turn. Alex was on top of the world coming off of their fun day together. He got a little ahead of himself and started telling JoJo how in love he was with her. She stared at him expressionless, but he continued on professing his love with a huge, gooney grin plastered across his face. After he finished, JoJo sent him home because she realized she didn’t feel the same way. It was a tearful goodbye. I think JoJo felt bad for leading him on.

The episode took a complete 180 degree turn when it Jordan was up for the next 1-on-1 date, making it his third lone date. JoJo likes Jordan A LOT. You can just tell. They went to stomp grapes in a beautiful vineyard. Instead of just giving them wine to share after, they had to drink the grape mush that their bare feet had been in. Jordan has a pretty good sense of humor so he made it fun. After a quick hot tub make out sesh, it was time for dinner. Jordan opened up about the strained relationship with his brother, pro football player Aaron Rogers, It was kind of nice to see a different side of him. Needless to say, Jordan got the rose and the date ended with more making out. We will be meeting the Rogers’ family next week at hometowns!

Next came the group date with Robby, James Taylor, and Chase. What was originally planned got rained out, so the four of them hung out in a hotel room doing fun activities. The bromances are strong this season, so it actually looked like a pretty fun time. They played charades, truth or dare, and ate junk food. We all got to see Robby in his underwear and James Taylor shove a whole plate of french fries in his mouth.

Robby told JoJo that his last long term relationship (3.5 years) ended LESS THAN 6 MONTHS BEFORE HE CAME ON THE SHOW. JoJo seemed worried, but he assured her that he was ready to get engaged in a few weeks. He ended up getting the date rose.

Finally, Luke had the last 1-on-1 date. They did everything Luke was awesome at, rode horses, shot guns. He looked like a real BA. They had a great time, but she sent him home to spread the word that there would be no cocktail party.

The rose ceremony was a grim one, but we all knew what was going to happen. Talking to Chase is like pulling teeth, but JoJo wants to keep pulling. James Taylor went home after a very tearful goodbye. We’re going to miss his sweet demeanor. He got too much in his own head comparing himself to the other guys. We all knew James was friend zoned, but I still rooted him on!

This week’s episode was pretty mild, but had huge things happen! Next week, we will be visiting Robby, Chase, Luke, and Jordan’s home towns. Can’t wait to see what unfolds!¬†Check back next week for the home town update!

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