Quirky tricks to beef up your bank account this summer

woman looking in wallet money bank account

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – It’s time to give our personal finances some seasonal love. With longer days, better weather and relaxed attitudes, summer is a great time to amp up the mindfulness and institute some savvy habits. Here are a few ways to beef up your bank account by September.

Pick one habit to downsize.

Whether it is a weekly download or a monthly video game purchase, pick one spending habit to cut this summer. By the end of the summer, for example, a weekly manicure could add up to $120.  Figure out how much you can save by September and use the number as motivation.

Start a lunch club.

Brown bagging is cost effective but can be boring. To keep things interesting, start a lunch club with colleagues or friends who work nearby. One day a week, bring in something to share.

Take advantage of free concerts and movies sponsored by your city.

Whether you live in a big metropolitan area or a small town, summertime is awash with free events.

Try having a no-money Monday. Or Tuesday. Or Wednesday.

Test yourself and see if you can have a no spending day once a week the whole summer. Many personal finance experts use this tactic, as it really makes you think about purchases before you make them.

Plan a potluck picnic with friends.

Instead of dinner at a restaurant, enjoy a local park and some good eats. Explore Pure Michigan – lots to offer.

Clip coupons and search for online deals.

With online and traditional coupons, savings is easier than ever. Try clipping coupons and using online codes for shopping for a week and keep track of how much money you save. Use that amount as a motivator to keep the practice going throughout the summer.

Use a spending tracker for a month to calculate real expenses.

Commit to a month of tracking spending. While it might be time consuming, the best way to manage your finances is to know where your money is actually going. After 30 days of data, come up with a comprehensive savings plan that actually suits your habits.

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