Feel the rush at Cedar Point

Valravn at Cedar Point
Valravn at Cedar Point

SANDUSKY, Ohio (WOTV) Whether you love high-flying thrills, great food, shopping, or even a day at the beach, there truly is something for everyone at Cedar Point.

Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, is “The Roller Coaster Capital of the World.” With an unmatched collection of 71 rides, including 18 roller coasters, three kids’ areas, overnight accommodations, live shows, great restaurants and more, it’s easy to see why Cedar Point is a popular vacation destination.

In 2016, Cedar Point introduced Valravn – the tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster in the world! Riders climb more than 20 stories before hanging over the edge for four seconds. Then they dive straight down at a 90-degree angle!

When you’ve worked up an appetite, head to one of Cedar Point’s many dining spots. A great place to stop and chill out is in FrontierTown, which offers indoor seating. Cedar Point is always re-imagining its food options, offering sandwiches, salads, BBQ, and more. It even has roller coaster-themed ice cream! Try Valravn, which is Salty Caramel Fudge Truffle.

>>> Drink & Dining Deals

Cedar Point has a new way to capture, collect, and share your photos. FunPix allows you to purchase a day or season-long package online or at photo locations in Cedar Point. The program collects all your photos onto a mobile app where you can share online or print.

A landmark at Cedar Point is the Hotel Breakers. It was built in 1905 on the shores of Lake Erie and has been newly refurbished. One of the perks of staying at Hotel Breakers is all guests get into the park an hour before the general public!

Insider Tips to Cedar Point

  • Visit in the middle of the week to avoid crowds
  • Start at the back of the park and work your way to the front
  • Find the best discounts on tickets at CedarPoint.com
  • Stay and play – Experience Cedar Point and Soak City with a two-day Ride and Slide ticket
  • More helpful hints for families

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