5 Consignment stores to check out and make some cash this summer

resale clothing

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Consignment stores are great to shop at and to make some cash! Check out 5 of our favorites around West Michigan: 

1. Gild the Lily

gild the lily consignment shop

Located in Rockford, Michigan, this consignment store sells like-new women’s fashion, men’s apparel, home décor and furniture. Gild the Lily accepts clothing on hangers, sizes 0-3X. The store also gives you an online account that allows you to get paid anytime, or on the spot cash. You will receive 40% of the sale when your clothing or home décor is sold over a 60 day period, and 50% for furniture over a 90 day period.

2. Rosa’s Closet

Rosa's Closet consignment

An upscale, resale boutique situated in Gaslight Village of East Grand Rapids, Michigan. Rosa’s Closet is looking for items that are in “ready to sell condition”, 2 years old or newer, clean and free of stains, pills, and tears. All items should be brought in on hangers, as well as laundered and dry cleaned. This store is in search for current trends, according to the season, in women’s sizes 0-14. If you decide to drop off some items, be aware that the consignment period is for 60 days and the commission you will receive is 40% of the net selling price. Not to mention, Rosa’s Closet was first opened 8 years ago, and during that time Rosa has opened two other resale boutiques in East Grand Rapids: Rosa Sposa, which is for resale bridal and formal attire, and another being Rosa’s Closet Kids, which is a resale boutique for kids.


3. Georgie’s

georgie's consignment store

A very unique, yet lovely consignment shop in the small town of Ada. The clothing consists of “everything from GAP to Gucci”. There is no appointment necessary to bring in your items, so clothing is accepted anytime during regular hours. You may find yourself leaving Georgie’s with some new items in hand. They only keep their items for 60 days, and items get marked down 25% after 30. What stands out about Georgie’s is that customers get 50% from the sale of their items, versus 40% they would receive at other consignment stores.

4. Rock Paper Scissors Consignment Boutique

rock paper scissors

This small, urban boutique on Cherry Street in Grand Rapids, sells on-trend, gently worn items from style conscious people like you. The boutique is wallet and planet friendly, and is a true place for relaxing retail therapy. Rock Paper Scissors is now accepting Spring and Summer items until August 1st. Keep in mind, you should stop by consignment hours on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday to drop off your items. However, the unique aspect about this boutique is you can keep 50% of the selling price by using store credit. Need some cash? You can keep 40%.

5. Urban Exchange

urban exchange

This hip and up-to-date consignment shop is located in the heart of Grand Rapids on Fulton Street. Urban Exchange is eager to collect “current fashion” that has been in retail stores within the past 24 months, is vintage, or in a handmade fashion. Customers are able to drop off items that are fashionable and in excellent condition, anytime during business hours.









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