DIY Sequin toe shoes in 3 easy steps

sequin shoes goodwill tip featured size

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Take an old pair of shoes from drab to fab with this easy DIY project. This will give your old shoes new life and a lot of sparkle this summer.

diy sequin shoes goodwill

Gather all your supplies: Shoes you want to transform, hot glue gun, fabric glue (for back up), tweezers, and sequins. You can use single sequins or sequin on a string (this would be much easier to work with).

diy sequin shoes goodwill

Use pencil or masking tape to mark off area you want to design.

diy sequin shoes goodwill

Hot glue sequins in a pattern. You’ll want to work with a small amount of glue at a time because it dries quickly!

diy sequin shoes goodwill

Enjoy your stylish new shoes!

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