Are you washing the right items in your kitchen? Tips to prevent cross contamination

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – If you’re like me, you assume to wash everything that comes into your kitchen, right? Wrong! Certain things are better left unwashed, while others you may be cleaning too well. Here are a few tips for safe food handling.

Do not wash red meat or poultry

Raw chicken legs

Washing raw poultry, pork, veal, or beef only increases the spread of harmful bacteria. There’s a higher chance of some bacteria splashing onto your counter, floor, or sink that if missed during cleaning could cause cross-contamination. Also, there is certain bacteria that is attached so tightly to the meat that you could not clean it even if you tried. The only way to make sure your meat is safe is by taking the temperature with an internal thermometer.

Do not wash eggs

Eggs in a carton

Washing eggs before putting them away is not necessary. It can remove the coating that protects the eggs from bacteria permeating through the shell.

Do not use soap of fruits and veggies

Fresh fruits and vegetables
Fresh fruits and vegetables

Rinsing in cold water to remove bacteria is great for fruits and veggies! Avoid using detergents or soaps. Most are not approved by the FDA to be used on food.

Still rinse organic foods

fruits and veggies

Organic foods are not immune to contamination. Make sure you are giving all fruits and veggies a good rinse.

Don’t wash pre-washed produce

bowl of salad

If you bought a box of salad labeled “pre washed” there’s no need to wash it again.

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