3 Ways to spend smarter during divorce

divorce hands in a meeting having disagreement

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) — Divorce can be costly.  The average divorce in Michigan is $15,000.  Not nearly as much as most people spend on their wedding, and having expert help with negotiations and decisions that will greatly impact your future and your children’s is well worth the price.  While the cost can span anywhere between $1,500 and upwards of $50,000 remember it is determined by how you and your spouse can cooperate, to a large part.  Uncontested divorces with little property can be handled simply, but multiple court hearings, mediations and settlement negotiations that result in a trial can drive up the cost.

The good news is that there are some simple tips to help you keep your costs in check while going through a divorce.  Copying all of the documents that you need to give to your attorney will save you copy charges and the charge for staff time to do the copying.  Even if you have to use a copy service such as Kinko’s, it can still save you money.

Emailing and faxing your attorney will help to keep your communication concise and organized so you will not waste expensive attorney time versus making an appointment to see them.  Even a phone conversation tends to be longer then the time it takes to read and respond to an email.

Do you have a quick question that is pretty simple, such as whether they received your fax or when a court date is?  Call the legal assistant that works with your attorney.  They bill their time at a much lower rate and if they don’t know the answer they likely will go ask your attorney and get the answer for you.  In fact, attorneys often have to check with their assistants to see if items have arrived if they haven’t hit their desk yet.

These easy tips will help to keep your bill from skyrocketing and won’t effect the outcome of your case so be smart and take advantage of opportunities to save you money.

Nothing here in constitutes a legal advice.

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