Keep it chic, keep it minimal: Tips to modern styling

minimalist styling furniture

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – This is actually pretty close to my heart because that’s exactly what I’ve been working towards over the past 12 months in my own condo remodel.  We actually opened up a wall so now I have another room to decorate!  When my project is complete, I’ll be sharing some pictures here.

  1. Keep your color palette very tight – adding lots of color makes a space look busy and cluttered. Keep it tonal (a range of colors in the same color family) and mixing with neutrals is the easiest solution to having some color without it getting crazy.I went from a color palette of clay/orange/greens to warm shades of grey, accented with a deep, rich grey carpet in my bedroom.
    Jan Lehman minimalist stylingJan Lehman minimalist styling
  2. Bring in simple shapes and lines. Lose anything with too much ornate detailing or carvings and stick to pieces that keep the eye moving easily.  That figurine you inherited from your grandma needs to be replaced with a large scale pottery floor lamp.Jan Lehman minimalist styling
  3. I got rid of 3 shelves for photos – including very heavy, ornate brackets. I also got rid of a big bulky (but comfy) sectional and replaced it with a mid-century modern sofa and single chair.
  4. Go for texture. You’ll want to keep these things within the same color palette and bring in wools, linens, and woven in your textiles and pottery, clay, and porcelain in your accessories.  Keep the colors quiet so the textures look inviting.  Anything homemade is a big plus.Jan Lehman minimalist styling
  5. All my textiles were soft, adding some heavier weave textiles this time around. We had lots of smaller accessories – many gifts that my husband really didn’t want to NOT display. I convinced him that we’re grown up and need to find our own statement pieces.
  6.  Think smaller centerpieces like a smaller collection of pieces in the same family – like a variety of white bowls for the dining table.Jan Lehman minimalist stylingWe got rid of part of our bar countertop and I have a 42” round dining table. First time we’ve had a dining table in 8 years!  While in Chicago over the holidays we found the perfect “centerpieces” in a little boutique on Rush Street.
  7. Bring in life through art and plants. Art is your chance to really add your personality to the space and live objects are always welcoming.  Keep things simple and quite, but make a statement to help shake up the seriousness of a more minimal home.Jan Lehman minimalist styling
  8. Remember the shelves I got rid of? Now have a single statement piece of art with my accent colors – quite the statement!

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