West MI parents weigh in: “How to manage baby and toddler at the same time”

parenting advice baby and toddler

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)- If you’re expecting baby number two and you’ve got a little one already in the terrible twos here’s some tried and true parenting advice from those of us who have been there, done that.  We asked parents from around West Michigan to weigh in and give their best advice on how to manage a baby and a toddler at the same time.

Ross, father of 4 (including twin boys) from Portland Mich.

“Divide and conquer! For us, one person takes the toddlers, the other handles the babies.  Create a timely routine for toddlers to help them settle in for the night.”

ross family
Ross’s four boys

Kris, mother of 3 from Sparta

“Team work!”

kris murphy
Kris and family

Carly, mother of 2 from Grand Rapids

“Make special time with your toddler to interact one-on-one while the baby is sleeping.  When baby is awake and you’re juggling set the older child up with a fun activity that they can do on their own and you just have to check in.  For example, Play-doh, arts and crafts, legos etc.”

parenting advice baby and toddler
Carly’s two children

Sarah, mother of 2 from Greenville

“Recruit help. I had Moms Bloom in home for six weeks to assist with transition with an active two year old and infant. Made a big difference.”

Sarah's boys
Sarah’s boys

Jessica, mom of 2 from Grand Rapids

“Coffee and wine!”

baby and toddler parenting advice
Jessica’s Girls

Megan, mom of 3 from Grandville

“Baby wearing is a must!  Try a post-partum doula and don’t forget local library programming and memberships to the Children’s Museum and John Ball Zoo!”

parenting advice baby and toddler
Megan’s three boys

Dee, mom of 2 from Grand Rapids

“Hire a good babysitter and over-pay her!”

Dee's boys parenting advice

Beth, mom of 2 from Grand Rapids

“Do NOT be afraid to ask for help! Fussiness is a sign your child(ren) needs your attention (helpful tip for toddler/older children)”

beths boys parenting advice

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