Road to the River Bank Run: Erin is one week away from the 25K

erin bowerman runnings selfie

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Erin Bowerman brought us along with her as she trained for the Gazelle Girl half marathon with Sole Sisters. What’s next for her? She’s continuing her training and will be running the Fifth Third River Bank Run 25K this weekend! Here is how this past week of training went:

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Riverbank run is now less than a week away! I can’t believe it. It feels like I just finished the half marathon. Training has completely changed since working more directly with the Sole Sisters. It is definitely more challenging to do things like this on your own.

On Tuesday my daughter was sick and stayed with my parents while I was at work. My mom offered to meet up in town in the evening so that I had an opportunity to go running. It was nice to have the time to get that in. Thank you mom! I went 5 miles and they went pretty well.

The rest of the week was busy. I did not make it out for my Thursday night run.

My kids both came home from school this week with papers from the Feeling Good Mileage Club. These papers said that they had earned free entries to the Riverbank Junior run. They are so excited and I am so proud that they want to be a part of this and I can’t wait to watch them run on Wednesday.

Saturday morning I planned to go between 8 and 10 miles. Friday night was a rough night for me emotionally and Saturday morning was one of those mornings that I just did not feel like getting out of bed. The kids were at their dad’s house and I just did not have the energy. I got up and got quite a few things done, just not my miles. I was going to do them on Sunday instead.

Sunday morning was a much better morning for me. I woke up and I was ready to get some miles in. I got my things ready.

erin bowerman energy gels

When I am going long distances, these things have become staples for me. The water for sure is needed! The day I forgot the body glide was a mistake. I wear an arm band for my phone to listen to music as I run. The band was rubbing on my arm and left a nice sore. This was definitely a lesson for me to remember to put that on. My gel has also become an important thing for me to give me energy along the way.

It ended up being only 6 miles, but it was a good 6 miles.

erin selfie 6 miles

The kids came back in the afternoon and we had a wonderful time together. We went and checked out the tulips in Holland and then went to the beach.The 2 of them can just make my heart sore, and that is what they did that night.

erin bowerman kids

Ready or not, here I come for the Riverbank run on Saturday! See you at the finish line!

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