7 Things that happen to your body when you’re pregnant (that no one tells you)

Pregnancy weight

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)- When you’re expecting you’ll find that your whole world is about to change!  You know that your baby will grow and so will your belly but what’s everyone not telling you? A LOT! That’s right along with pregnancy comes some unexpected changes to your body and usually you don’t find out until it happens.  Here’s a few common things to watch out for the next nine months.

Feet and leg cramps

You may be getting up a lot in the night to hit the bathroom but another nightmare waking you up could be feet and leg cramps!  Many women get these crazy cramps mid-sleep that will having you bolting out of bed to stretch your feet and legs.


As if you’re not already having enough bathroom issues, here is one more you’ll likely deal with.  Many women complain that their body’s normal functions comes to halt during pregnancy.  You may find your routine bowel movements aren’t so routine anymore.  If you’re really having trouble talk to your doctor who can recommend some safe options for helping things move along more smoothly.


You were expecting to have a pregnant glow not a greasy mess popping with pimples.  Your hormones are on overload which can make your skin go a little crazy.  Invest in a great concealer for a while, but this symptom often will resolve during your pregnancy.

Bleeding Gums

Many pregnant women get freaked out when they find bloody spit in the sink after brushing their teeth.  Your gums are ultra-sensitive during pregnancy and this is fairly common.  Be gentle while brushing.

Varicose Veins

Having some unusual pain “down there”? Many women develop varicose veins during pregnancy in unexpected places!  If you notice some unusual pain or swelling check with your doctor.  They can recommend special undergarments to help relieve the pressure and reduce the swelling.  You may also find new veins popping up in your legs that are painful.  Your doctor may recommend ditching the high heels and wearing a pair of compression pantyhose.

New moles/skin tags

Are you noticing moles or skin tags popping up out of no where?  The dermatologist will tell you it’s often another fun sign of pregnancy.  If you notice anything unusual though be sure to check with your doctor to be safe.

Black line from your belly button headed south

What is that?! You may soon notice a black line develop and continue to darken starting at your our belly button and below.  This is known as linea nigra and it’s harmless and common.  It should go away sometime in the months following childbirth.



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