Spring Lake student wins MLB essay contest

Kendal Young with Crash of the West Michigan Whitecaps
Kendal Young with Crash of the West Michigan Whitecaps

SPRING LAKE, Mich. (WOTV) Jackie Robinson is a Major League Baseball legend. In honor of him and his courageous efforts, his foundation holds an annual essay challenge asking students to share their stories of courage and inspiration. Robinson’s daughter Sharon recently visited a West Michigan school to meet one of the national essay competition winners!

Kendal Young is a fifth grader at Walden Green Montessori in Spring Lake. She won the Breaking Barriers national essay contest, chosen out of more than 17,000 entries from all over the United States! Young wrote about feeling comfortable in her own skin, as a girl who looks different among her peers.

Sharon Robinson and the Breaking Barriers essay contest teaches kids that barriers are a part of life. They pass along the values Robinson associates with her father’s success, like courage, commitment, excellence, determination, and persistence.

The MLB and West Michigan Whitecaps came to Walden Green to hold an assembly and present Young with her award. Her advice to other children is to always be yourself, because you’re already pretty great.

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