Tips for throwing a fabulous, but inexpensive baby shower

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) — Throwing a baby shower can be fun and exciting, but as for the cost…not so much.  Here are some tips on how to throw a fabulous baby shower that is not so expensive.


Baby shower

You can save a lot of money on decorations by buying in bulk.  One of the best places to save is at the dollar store.  Click here to find out what things you can buy at the dollar store to save on money.  There are also so many DIY decorations on WOTV’s Pinterest that will cut down on the cost.


Baby shower at home

Many people rent out restaurants or different venues to hold baby showers in.  One of the best ways to save money on the location is to hold it at your house (maybe even a friend or relatives).


baby shower invite

Since so many things are going digital, instead of sending out invitations via snail mail, try using an EvitePaperless Post, or Punchbowl. This will save on mailing costs, and it is convenient for guests to RSVP through email.

Food and Drinks

egg salad sandwiches

If you are wanting to save some money on food, don’t hire a caterer for the baby shower.  You can make some simple sandwiches as well as set out some cheese and crackers, fruit, or veggies.  Keeping it light while enjoying finger food will leave the guests satisfied.  Check out these different appetizers and finger food sandwiches to get some good ideas.


Baby shower games

Games needing only a pencil and paper are the best (and cheapest) kinds.  There are all sorts of word and guessing games you can play. Click here to find a list of fun and affordable games to play at your baby shower.  Game winners can take home the centerpieces!

Desserts and Cake


To save costs on the dessert, have a close friend or relative bake a cake, or some cookies.  You could even have a candy bar or cupcake decorating station.  For some fun dessert ideas, check this out.


Bag of cookies

Baked goods are always fun party favors.  A large batch of cookies can go a long way, plus it’s pretty inexpensive!  You could even make a cute basket to hold the baked goods in like this one, and send your guests home with some yummy goodies.

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