Tricks to tempt your picky eater

picky eater sprinkles article

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV) — I often try to come up with great ideas to entice my kids to eat new things.  I love Pinterest and find tons of inspiration.  However there are a lot of times when I try to hide veggies or sneak new things onto their plates and end up scraping those things into the trash later.  Sigh.  I hate to see food wasted and I often know that if they would just try it they would like it. I am so bored of making the same old dinners for them.  How many times can you eat burgers, tacos, pizza, eggs and macaroni and cheese? Seriously.

One day I decided to hang out daycare for the day with my kids due to some behavior issues that were happening.  For morning snack she gave the kids yogurt and let them all choose from a variety of sprinkles she had on hand.  They got so excited to choose their colorful combos and shake them onto their yogurt.  Not only did they eat the yogurt they practically licked the bowls!  She gave me a knowing wink.  Brilliant!

trick picky eater with sprinkles

Now I know what you may be thinking.  You want me to top their healthy food with sugary sprinkles?!  Hey, I’m just saying if you have a picky eater and you’re on your fifth night in a row of mac’ n cheese, you’re pretty much willing to let it go for the hope they will try something else.  Trust me, they won’t be 35-years-old and eating broccoli with sprinkles- I promise.

If you’re looking for more creative ideas on what to feed your kids check out my “Kids Food” Pinterest board.  I’m always adding new ideas!

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