Auto financing made easy: Tips for hassle free purchasing

buying a new car

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – If you are in the market for a new(er) vehicle, make sure you use a local lender, for convenience and value. Car buying is expensive and it’s typically the second most expensive purchase most people make next to a home. It’s important that you use a local lender to keep your loan safe and secure.

Financing is key – There are multiple ways to finance.  Some people like to get pre-approved at their credit union prior to shopping.  This helps in understanding just how much vehicle you can afford, keeps your budget in line, and helps keep you focused on the actual purchase. For convenience, some credit unions like Option 1, have a relationship with auto dealers, Preferred Dealers, so customers can get their credit union financing right on the spot.  For many consumers, this is a time saving and convenient option, a one-stop-shop experience.

Budget Friendly – If buying a new or newer vehicle is on your horizon this year, it’s a good idea to plan, research and budget to make sure you continue to love your new vehicle even with the monthly payments. To help keep your auto costs in check, remember to consider all costs associated with your car, such as repairs, maintenance, auto insurance and your monthly car payment.

Payment Options – For additional convenience, there are many monthly payment options available such as electronic bill pay, automatic transfer options from your credit union account, and online and mobile transfer options.  At a credit union like Option 1, Bill Pay is offered at no charge, which makes it convenient and easy on the budget.

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