Our favorite coffee brands you can pick up at the grocery store

Hello Meijer!

coffee taste test article

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Coffee. Just the word brings a smile to my face. I rallied our WOTV staff together for a blind taste test of my favorite store-bought coffee brands. Free coffee in the middle of the day? No one could resist that!

Meijer coffee aisle
Huge selection at Meijer. Now what to choose?


After a quick trip to Meijer, I decided on two national brands and three local brands, and also changed it up on flavors and roasts. I liked the selection because I feel like I get awesome, super tasty coffee and an affordable price. For the taste test, I labeled each pot A – E and had people write down a few comments along with their vote of favorite brew. All coffee was brewed the same way (grind to water ratio) and was consumed black.

coffee taste test wotv staffCoffee taste test amanda harper joy walczak

Coffee A: Water Street Coffee, Breakfast Blend

Waterstreet coffee breakfast blend

Water Street coffee is known all over West Michigan. The breakfast blend is light, smooth and easy to drink. It came in second place for favorite brew! Here are a few comments:

“I don’t drink coffee without a healthy dose of cream and sugar, but I could drink this straight up. Great flavor and very smooth.” – Carly M. 

“Light in flavor, almost a little light for me.”
Chris M.


Coffee B: Leelanau, Sumatra Dark

Leelanau sumatra dark roast coffee

An earthy, dark brew that’s great for strong coffee lovers, here’s what others had to say:

“A little strong for my taste, I would need cream or sugar.” – Carly M.

“This would give a great kick in the morning! Definitely a good choice for the dark roast coffee lover.” – Laura R.

Coffee C: Kalamazoo Coffee Co., Maple Walnut Moonlight

Kalamazoo coffee company maple walnut roast

This brew won for crew favorite! However, there was a big shift in what people said when it was fresh compared to after it cooled.

“So delicious! I love this, smoooth and so yummy!” – Carly M.

“This my favorite, it was nice and light, but still a pleasant surprise.” – Noelle G.

After cooled: “Good flavor, but bitter aftertaste.” – Mary M.

Coffee D: Seattle’s Best, Toasted hazelnut

Seattles best hazelnut coffee

As far as flavored, people loved the hazelnut taste of Seattle’s Best. Confession: This is actually the brew we keep in the office! Here’s what others had to say:

“Amazing aroma and flavor!” – Joy W.

“I could drink this all day.” – Amanda H.

Coffee E: Starbucks, Cinnamon Dolce

Starbucks cinnamon dolce roast

A super popular brand, I was curious to see what people thought of the cup of store bought Starbucks. The flavor threw a few people off, but here is what some had to say:

“Tastes like churros to me, Ole!” – Amanda H.

“Tastes a bit artificial, like cinnamon syrup.” – Carly M.

A good choice for the cinnamon fanatic.” – Chris M.

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