How to freshen smelly feet

stinky sore feet in heels

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)- Have you or someone you love been cursed with smelly feet? It’s no joke but it’s also easily cured by taking the right steps. And once you do, you might want to toss some old shoes and socks that have outlived their purpose.

First let me say that how you smell is greatly effected by how and what you eat. I know that makes sense but people seldom slow down enough to make that connection. And your foot contains almost 2000 sweat glands per square inch, way more than the armpits. So what you have here is a veritable breeding ground for bacteria.

Stinky feet cure #1:

Step one is just paying attention to how you eat, and how you sweat. Processed foods, refined sugars, and alcohol are all going to give you a bit more aroma. So will overly spicy or salty foods. Cleaning up your diet will clean you up as well and voila! Less sweat and smell.

Stinky feet cure #2:

Next, check out the shoes. How do they fit, can your foot breath in them? Tight and uncomfortable shoes are going to make your feet sweat. If they are athletic shoes consider having 2 pair so you can alternate days with them and give them a chance to “dry out” in between. Buy yourself good quality shoes and socks especially if you spend long periods of time in them.

Stinky feet cure #3:

Clean them. Your feet I mean, I know you probably do but check this out. I like to try something cooling on a “hot” foot. So get some nice soap, sandalwood is a nice choice or a cucumber or aloe soap. These are all cooling types of soaps thus great for feet!

Stinky feet cure #4:

Spray them. Buy or make yourself a mist that is also cooling in nature. Rosewater is great on its own but you could also add a few drops of a peppermint oil to this to really cool things off and make a great scent.

Stinky feet cure #5:

Soak them. When time allows spend a little time soaking your feet. You can use Epsom salts, white vinegar, or green tea bags. All of these choice are great home remedies to help combat and alleviate a smelly foot.

If the problem does not improve or worsens, this could be a symptom of something more serious and less funny than a foot odor. See your health care professional.

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